Fine mechanical preparation of BMW, Bristol and Frazer Nash motor cars.

Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica & BMW 315 heading back from Goodwood Revival: sign-off road test with support car
BMW 328 in background, parts to foreground. BMW 328 maintained for customer.
BMW 326 billet piston manufacture: Fine performance in service
BMW 326 billet piston and Bristol con-rod installation
Bristol BW spec. gearbox gear clusters
Detail machining Bristol BW Synchro-ring. OPE enables faster gear-changes
Camshaft bearings for Bristol 2.0 litre, OPE-manufactured
BMW light axle. OPE engineered redesign
BMW 326 engine. Day before OPE dyno test!
Oliver hill-climbing his BMW 315 Special at Prescott.
Ferrari GTO action, Goodwood Revival 2010
Bristol 100D2. Day after OPE dyno test. Installed in Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica
BMW front suspension wishbone unit
BMW front suspension wishbone unit
BMW 315/1 3.9:1 differential rebuild
BMW 315/1 3.9:1 differential rebuild
BMW 2.0 litre engines. Before and after OPE love.
BMW 319 cylinder liners just prior to installing
BMW 326 engine preparation
BMW adjustable cam sprockets
BMW Hirth gearbox final assembly
BMW Hirth gearbox clusters
Oliver’s BMW 503, BMW 315 Special, Bristol 406
New centre-main bearing cap MG Twin Cam (blank)
New centre-main bearing cap MG Twin Cam, OPE-manufactured
BMW 315 piston designed and manufactured by Oliver Penney Engineering Ltd
New redesigned pulleys for 100bhp BMW 315 Special, OPE-manufactured
BMW 315 Special dynamo pulley, OPE-manufactured. Broach tooling shown
BMW 315 Special ultra-light water pump pulley, OPE-manufactured
BMW 315 Special ultra-light crank pulley, OPE-manufactured
BMW Bosch dynamo 12 volt conversion.
Member of the Aston Martin Racing team, Le Mans 2009
BMW steering rack rebuild
BMW steering rack rebuild
BMW light axle 3.9:1 rebuild with new crown wheel
Magna-Flux crack testing Bristol 3.9 crown wheel
BMW heavy axle rebuilt with Bristol 3.9:1 crown wheel
BMW 326 rear suspension links
Bristol 2.0 litre water temperature sender mount, OPE-manufactured
Bristol 2.0 litre valve guides, OPE-manufactured
Bristol 2.0 litre fuel pump rebuild
Britol 2.0 litre oil pressure relief valve
Bristol 2.0 litre “Eaton” type oil pump rebuild
Bristol “Eaton” type oil pump rebuild
Delco-Remy twin point distributor. Re-calibrate
Bristol 2.0 litre oil filter manifold transfer block, OPE-manufactured
Bugatti water pump greasers. Manufactured by OPE from original drawings
Bugatti water pump greaser. Manufactured by OPE from original drawings
Maserati 2.7 litre V6, quad-cam cylinder head rebuild
Oliver’s BMW 503 (1957). FOR SALE.
BMW 315 Special ultralight adjustable cam sprocket assembly
BMW 315 Special cooling system redesign with bypass thermostat

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